Launching Solar Flair!

We’ve released a Jekyll theme that Planning.Solar is built upon called Solar Flair.

The theme is open source, so anyone is free to download, use, and modify it for whatever purpose they might find useful.

A huge advantage to using this theme is that it’s highly customizeable. If you’re not familiar with styling with CSS but are a little tech savy, you can spin up a customized website or blog in minutes. The theme allows a few color settings to be set and will generate a theme that compliments those colors.

Also, Solar Flair is built upon a few industry leading software tools. Twitter developed a framework, Bootstrap, that many leading sites use. This theme uses the latest version, v4.0. Any developer who is familiar with this version can alter the layouts of this theme to better suit their needs.

Another utility to Solar Flair is its integration with the latest version of FontAwesome (5). This library gives easy to use, light weight, icons to enhance users’ experience.

To get started using the theme, go to its git repository and follow the instructions in the